Birth Injury Lawsuit Cases

Birth injury lawsuits are serious forms of medical malpractice that should be addressed immediately after the event occurs.

Medical malpractice can have far reaching effects for patients.  And the financial burdens that result from malpractice can be extreme.  Birth injury lawsuits are one way to attempt to recoup some of the medical expenses and compensate for personal trauma when birth injury malpractice occurs.

Birth injury cases are a form of malpractice and if the injuries sustained are severe enough, birth injuries can have devastating impacts on the lives of children and their parents.  One of the cases from recent years involved expectant mother Deirdre Thompson.  After her contractions began on June 4, 2008, she rushed to the hospital, where the doctor administered the drug Pitocin in order to progress her contractions and help induce labor.  After hours of laboring, the baby became distressed and his heart rate dropped, decreasing the flow of oxygen to his brain.  But Thompson’s doctor continued to encourage her to push, as opposed to opting for a C-section that might have improved the baby’s chances for a healthy birth.

The baby, Sebastian, was born seizing and had a heart rate of over 200 beats per minute. The trauma of his birth had caused a skull fracture and internal bleeding in his brain, resulting in permanent disability for Sebastian, as he now has trouble walking and speaking and requires extensive medical care.  Deirdre Thompson was awarded $5.3 million with about half of that going into a state fund to be put towards medical expenses for Sebastian.

Another case involving a Brooklyn mother, Carmen Garcia, who was diagnosed with preeclampsia, was also handled improperly, according to birth injury lawyer Christopher Lennon.  In this case the hospital did not have the equipment necessary to quickly resuscitate the baby, who was born two hours later in distress.  He is now 13 and can barely speak and requires a walker in order to be mobile.  The Garcias were awarded $4.5 million in a settlement with the city.

Birth injury lawsuits are serious forms of medical malpractice that should be addressed immediately after the event occurs.  Finding a birth injury lawyer after a traumatic event like this occurs will help to achieve the most favorable outcome.  At the very least, families deserve monetary compensation in order to pay for medical care, and the terrible emotional trauma that can occur as the result of an event like this also means that compensatory damages can and should be sought.  Birth injury lawyers can help to determine the medical malpractice laws in each state in relation to the case and what the best course of action will be.

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