Surgical Error Lawyers

Even with today’s medical technology, surgery comes with unavoidable risks. Our lives are in the hands of surgeons who, despite years of medical training, are prone to the same mistakes as the average person at work. But when those mistakes have life-altering consequences, you need a trusted surgical error attorney to work through your case and deliver results.

Common Surgical Errors

Most surgical errors are easily preventable but are caused by the negligence or recklessness of medical staff.

Surgical errors can have lasting impacts on a person’s life. Although no surgery is risk-free, holding medical professionals accountable for the avoidable mistakes they make is the most effective way to deliver justice to the victims.

Common surgical errors include:

  • Performing surgery on the wrong site or area of the body
  • Performing the wrong surgical procedure
  • Leaving a surgical instrument inside the body
  • Performing a surgery that is not related to the patient’s diagnosis
  • Performing surgery on the wrong patient
  • Failure to correct an error
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Don’t Wait—Act.

If you have been wrongfully injured as a result of surgical error, contact our St. Louis surgical error attorneys right away. Waiting to seek legal representation can prevent you from filing a claim and receiving the compensation you deserve.

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