Nursing Home Abuse

Placing a loved one in someone else’s care is a difficult decision to make, especially if you’re concerned that he or she is not getting the care and attention they need. Nursing homes can provide wonderful standards of living for the elderly, but some professionals engage in abusive or unethical practices that cause unnecessary pain to the victims.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Millions of nursing home abuse cases go unreported each year. By learning the symptoms, you can take action with an experienced legal team to identify the abusers and deliver justice.

There are additional symptoms indicating sexual abuse that you should be aware of, such as bleeding or infection around the genitals. But nursing home abuse isn’t always physical. Some healthcare professionals overcharge the elderly for unnecessary healthcare or medication, recommend unproven remedies or commit medical insurance fraud.

Symptoms of physical abuse include:

  • Tension between elderly and caregivers
  • Abrupt changes in general behavior
  • Trauma, such as cuts and bruises
  • Broken glasses
  • Signs of restraint on arms or legs
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Don’t Wait—Act.

If your loved one has suffered as a result of nursing home abuse, contact our St. Louis nursing home abuse attorneys right away. Waiting to seek legal representation can prevent you from filing a claim and receiving the compensation you deserve.

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