CBS News Reports St. Louis Nursing Home Abuse

The inspection included 513 nursing homes throughout the entire state of Missouri. St. Louis Nursing Home Abuse

Each year, across the country, millions of nursing home residents are victims of abuse. Nursing home abuse takes many forms and leaves a painful trace behind. It is disturbing to think of these things happening to our loved ones. Many nursing home facilities provide excellent care for their residents, however, far too many do not. Yet, so many of these cases go unreported each year.

CBS St. Louis has just issued a shocking report of several St. Louis nursing home facilities that have been found to have serious deficiencies. There are allegations of severe neglect, physical, verbal and sexual abuse.

The report states that the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services conducted inspections of a now-available database of information on these facilities. The information lists the number of deficiencies and the amount of money these nursing homes were charged as a penalty. The report is sobering.

There are allegedly eight nursing homes in St. Louis City, seven centers in St. Louis County and a dozen in the Metro East areas that have received fines as penalties for neglect and abuse. The inspection included 513 nursing homes throughout the entire state of Missouri, with 99 of them being found to have serious deficiencies. Illinois had even more.

The types of abuse that the report lists involve a wide range of cases. There are claims that these nursing care facilities failed to give prompt emergency medical treatment that resulted in the death of a patient. Another patient was given 20 times the prescribed amount of pain medication, resulting in their death. One of the East St. Louis care centers is charged with not reporting the sexual assault of at least six residents.

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