Common Causes of Gas Explosions

Common causes of gas explosions

Many of us use some form of gas every day, such as natural gas, propane or butane. We use it to heat our water, warm our homes or cook on our stoves. Although we often don’t give a second thought to turning on the gas, we should know that gas is highly flammable and is not without potential for injury.

Although rare, gas explosions are a real possibility and may lead to devastating injuries for those involved. An explosion in one Boston neighborhood recently triggered more than 60 fires, killing one and forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes. In 2013, our firm settled a landmark case in which a gas explosion left our client with severe burns on 90% of his body.

Gas Explosion Causes

Gas explosions require two conditions to occur: leaking gas and a spark or flame to ignite it. These conditions are typically in place due to the negligence of a gas company in the installation or maintenance of the equipment connecting the gas source to property. Other common causes include:

Improper use of gas furnaces, stoves or other gas appliances

  • Improper installment of gas appliances
  • Defective gas appliances
  • Defective gas tanks in automobiles
  • Violating the standards for the handling of flammable gas

Gas Explosion Injuries

When a gas explosion does occur, it inflicts serious injuries on the victims. These injuries vary from case to case, but serious burns and lacerations are the most common. Additional gas explosion-related injuries include:

  • Sensory loss
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Lung injuries
  • Mental shock or trauma

Gas Explosion Lawsuit

Gas explosion injuries are typically severe and it may take victims years to fully recover. During that time, victims should seek out an experienced gas explosion attorney to investigate the incident and build their case. Having a trustworthy legal team on your side will be vital in securing the maximum possible compensation for your suffering, such as medical bills, future treatment costs and lost wages.

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