How soon after a semi-truck accident should I contact a lawyer?

It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. The driver’s log, maintenance records, black box evidence and GPS tracking data, as well as the truck’s equipment, need to be preserved so that the events leading up to the collision may be reconstructed. If you wait to contact an experienced personal injury attorney, you run the risk that important evidence needed to prove your case will be lost or destroyed.

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After a serious truck accident, it is common to have questions about how to protect your rights. The St. Louis truck accident lawyers Zevan and Davidson Law Firm have compiled this list of frequently asked questions to address your concerns. For more detailed information tailored to the specific facts of your truck accident, call (314) 588-7200.

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If you have been wrongfully injured as a result of personal injury, contact our legal team right away. Waiting to seek legal representation can prevent you from filing a claim and receiving the compensation you deserve.

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