Jeep SUV’s Recalled Due to Defects

If you are one of an estimated 5 million owners of a Jeep Cherokee or a Jeep Liberty during the nineties, you might be in danger and eligible for legal compensation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has widened its investigation into a design defect of several Jeep SUV’s. The gas tank in these popular vehicles were located behind the rear axle. In rear-end collisions, the axle would often rupture the tank, resulting in fatal fires and explosions.

The models affected by this defect are as follows:

Jeep Grand Cherokee: 1993 – 2004
Jeep Cherokee: 1993 – 2001
Jeep Liberty: 2002 – 2007

Chrysler redesigned most of their Jeep lines in 2005, and has been resistant to recalling affected vehicles prior to that time.

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