Metal Fragments in Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Pasta Maker Under Fire

At the beginning of June 2012 the US Food and Drugs Administration announced the recall of over 74,000 boxes of pasta mix products.

The voluntary recall was made by Kerry Ingredients and Flavors and its subsidiary, the ST Specialty Foods Inc., because the seasoning blend that was used may have contained small bits of metal. The list of affected products included such popular variants of Reggano, Meijer and other macaroni and cheese mixes.

Retailers such as Aldi, Wal-Mart, and Kroger, among others, are expected to provide a full refund to buyers of the products bearing certain lot numbers and product codes. Although no injuries have yet been reported, the FDA advises all consumers to destroy the said products and refrain from eating them. For more details, you may also contact the Bay Valley Foods Hotline at 1-800-756-5781.

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