Preventing Motorcycle Merge Accidents

Changing lanes while driving on a multilane highway is a leading cause of accidents.

st-louis-merge-accident-lawyerDue to their smaller size, motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to these types of collisions.

A motorist who changes lanes abruptly, often does not properly check that the lane is clear and fails to use a signal. This puts other drivers, especially motorcyclists, at risk of a collision. A motorcyclist will have to react quickly if a car suddenly begins to maneuver into their lane. The motorcycles attempts at avoiding a crash may actually cause it to crash with another vehicle, for example if it brakes suddenly and is subsequently hit by the car behind. This is a case where the motorcycles sudden braking caused the accident, but only as a reaction to the other vehicles negligence in not checking the lane thoroughly before starting to merge. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will need the help of an accident re-constructionist to help a jury see clearly exactly why the collision occurred.

Resulting Injuries

The injuries suffered by a motorcyclist as a result of merger or lane change accidents is usually quite severe. Driving a motorcycle gives the body little protection from crashes, especially if they are hit or swiped on the side. A Buchanan County motorcyclist suffered multiple fractures to his leg that required many surgeries after being side-swiped by a delivery driver. Further complications arose from the need for a catheter, resulting in more surgery. The employer of the driver, a well known food chain, chose to settle the case out of court for 3 million dollars. Keep in mind that all medical bills that result from a motorcycle accident may be compensable, even those arising from complications. Save copies of all of your medical records to be reviewed by your Missouri motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle Merge Accidents

It is important to remember that motorcycles fit easily into cars blind spots. A motorcyclist needs to be fully aware of those blind spots and avoid riding in them. A good rule of thumb is if you can see a drivers’ eyes in his mirror, then he can more than likely see you. A safe motorcyclist will also know to stay out of the lane that everyone else wants to be in, like the one that is moving the quickest. Another way to avoid a merge accident is to watch the cars around the motorcycle. The driver of a motorcycle needs to keep an eye out for turn signals and wheels turning towards him.

With lane changing cases the drivers will usually have completely different versions of what happened. Witness testimony may be crucial towards helping you receive compensation. Because of this, they are some of the most difficult personal injury cases to handle. However, an attorney with prior experience will be able assist you by uncovering crucial evidence and working to get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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