Protecting Your Legs on a Motorcycle

Leg injuries are common in motorcycle collisions.

st-louis-motorcycle-accident-lawyersFor decades, head injury and helmet use has been at the center of attention when talking about motorcycle accident injuries. With good reason. Head trauma can lead to serious health problems and even death. There is another part of a motorcyclists’ body that is just as vulnerable to injury in an accident, and yet receives very little attention. A motorcycle riders lower extremities, legs and feet, are often completely unprotected by the force of an accident, making broken legs and ankles a common ailment after a collision. If you have recently suffered leg trauma after a motorcycle accident, ask a qualified attorney to help you establish liability. If another drivers negligence put you in a cast or worse, you deserve compensation.

The Risk of Leg Injury

Just this past month, a Seattle motorcyclist was struck by another vehicle while waiting at a red light. The collision caused the motorcycle to fall over onto the driver breaking his leg. This type of injury is most often seen in low speed motorcycle accidents, where the force of impact is not great enough to propel the driver off of his bike, but does knock the bike over on top of his leg. Single vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle will often end up with the driver slamming into a guard rail or other fixed object, damaging the lower extremities.

Unlike the head, there is not much a motorcycle enthusiast can do to protect his legs and feet. A little bit may be given by the use of long, leather pants and high motorcycle boots. Additionally, there have been studies on the effectiveness of crash bars protecting a motorcyclist legs, but many conclude that these are powerless in preventing injury.

Recovering From a Leg Injury

Years ago, amputation was a common result of a motorcycle accident. It is advances in microsurgery that is allowing surgeons to now repair the complex damage. Still, it may take many procedures and months of painful therapy before the motorcyclist regains full functionality of the limb. Such was the case with a Missouri rider whose ankle was fractured in a low speed collision with a passenger car. The insurance company for the defendant agreed to a $325,000 settlement, only after hearing expert testimony about the amount of medical attention still required by the plaintiff. Recovering from a broken limb takes a long time for an adult, and in some instances may become a permanent disability if not healed properly.

Doing Your Part to Avoid a Collision

It is believed that 80% of collisions involving a motorcycle result in an injury or death. Fatal injuries are almost always associated with the head and chest while the most common are to the head and lower limbs. The best way to avoid injury is to avoid a collision. 

  • Keep your bike well maintained and check air pressure in the tires regularly.
  • Before heading out on the road be sure that your bikes safety features, horn, mirrors, and lights are all in good working order.
  • Check that your brakes are in proper working order as you start to roll out.

St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are laid up waiting for a bone to heal from a motorcycle crash, do not hesitate to seek advice from a motorcycle accident lawyer at Zevan and Davidson. Odds are you are missing out on work and the hospital bills are piling up. If your accident was no fault of yours, you should receive compensation from the other driver that will allow you to fully recover without worry.

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