Understanding Birth Related Medical Malpractice

Birth injuries can be a tragic result of medical negligence.

newborn-babyIt not only adversely affects the health and life of the child, but also inflicts immense emotional, financial, and physical trauma on the parents. Parents of a child that has suffered birth injuries can claim compensation for the treatment costs, maintenance costs, and the pain and suffering that they have suffered.

St Louis medical malpractice attorneys are of the view that one should be educated about birth related medical negligence, and the victims should come forward and discuss their case with the experts. Here is some insight into what birth injuries are and what causes them; and what to do if someone has become a victim of medical negligence.

What Are Birth Injuries?

Injuries that a baby may suffer before, during, or immediately after the delivery are termed as birth trauma or birth injuries.

What Are Common Birth Injuries And Their Causes?

Birth injuries can range from mild bruises to severe brain or nerve damage. Medical negligence is not a common cause of birth injuries, but if you suspect that your child might have been a victim of a doctor’s negligence, you should get your case evaluated by an expert St. Louis medical malpractice attorney.

Some common birth injuries include bruising or forceps marks, caput succedaneum (severe swelling of skull), subconjunctival hemorrhage (red band in the eyes), cephalohematoma (bleeding between bone and fibrous covering), brain injury, fractured bones, cerebral palsy, and Eb’s palsy.

Most of these birth injuries are a result of a difficult delivery. Birth injuries are likely to occur if the size of the baby is abnormally large, the shape or size of the mother’s pelvis is small, the mother has to undergo prolonged labor, or the baby is in “breech position”.  St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers believe that in some unfortunate cases, the injuries may be a result of medical negligence.

How Can Medical Negligence Cause Birth Injuries?

Medical malpractice can cause birth injuries or aggravate them. Some common medical malpractices that cause birth injuries are:

• Failure to anticipate birth complications
• Failure to diagnose and respond to fetal distress
• Misuse of vacuum extractor or forceps
• Inappropriate pitocin administration
• Failure to respond to cord entrapment
• Delay in carrying out a caesarean section

Receiving Help

Birth injuries can be emotionally traumatizing for the parents. Consult Zevan and Davidson Law Firm at (314) 588-7200 to discuss your legal options.  We will thoroughly review your case to see if it qualifies for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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