What are the Signs of Infant Facial Nerve Palsy?

Nurse touching crying baby who is dealing with facial nerve palsy

Birth is a unique journey for each mother and child, offering moments of joy, vulnerability, anticipation and even fear. One of those fears is if there will be any complications that get in the way of a safe delivery. Facial nerve palsy is among one of the more serious birth injuries that can result from medical malpractice.

If you believe the facial palsy or facial paralysis injury your baby received was due to medical malpractice, continue reading to better understand the conditions and explore your legal options.

Defining Infant Facial Nerve Palsy

Facial nerve palsy is the loss of a baby’s voluntary muscle movement in the face due to pressure on the seventh cranial nerve before or during birth. This loss of movement may be on only one side of the face or on the entire face. Facial nerve issues caused by birth injury are usually a result of force being applied to the baby to aid in delivery or from the use of medical instruments such as forceps.

Six Common Symptoms of Facial Nerve Palsy

Symptoms in babies are often visible when an infant cries and is unable to move portions of their face. The six most common facial nerve palsy symptoms following a birth injury include:

  1. Loss of facial control, such as uncontrollable blinking or the eyelids don’t close;
  2. Lower facial muscles appear uneven when the baby is crying, specifically under the eyes;
  3. Mouth does not move down on both side of the face while crying;
  4. Reduced tear production;
  5. Uncontrollable drooling; or
  6. Complete paralysis on one side or both sides of the face.

Suing for Facial Nerve Palsy Due to Birth Injury

As with many birth injury lawsuits, many of the injuries experienced are avoidable with diligent care and attention by doctors, nurses and other members of your medical care team. Whether it is by their physical training or with the use of assistive medical devices, they must practice expert care in all stages of your labor and delivery and act quickly if complications arise.

While traumatic facial nerve issues in babies may resolve on their own, many babies will still need to undergo speech therapy, physical therapy or even surgery depending on the severity of the damage. If your child experienced infant facial paralysis, your family may be entitled to compensation.

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