What To Expect When You Sue a Pharmaceutical Company

ZDR experts explain what to expect when you sue a pharmaceutical company

If you’ve experienced harmful side effects as a result of taking a pharmaceutical drug, you may have considered filing a personal injury lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer. In most cases, this type of lawsuit is considered either a defective product or a product liability claim. Let’s take a closer look at how these cases are built and how a personal injury attorney will work with you to achieve success.

Pharmaceutical Drug Lawsuits

Pharmaceutical drug lawsuits are typically established on the basis of personal injury. In order to win your case, you’ll need to prove that you suffered from an injury and that the injury was connected to or caused by:

  • Defective manufacturing
  • Dangerous side effects
  • Improper marketing

During your case, you must also prove that you were not warned of any possible risks of taking the drug, either by your physician or the drug’s manufacturer. If you were warned and chose to take the drug anyway, your lawsuit will not have any merit.

In addition to the drug manufacturer, your attorney may identify other parties that could be liable for your injuries and forced to pay compensatory damages for your recovery. These parties include:

  • The laboratories involved in the drug’s manufacturing
  • The physician who prescribed the drug
  • The pharmacist who issued the drug
  • The sales representative who sold the drug
  • The hospital in which you were given the drug

Class Action Lawsuits

Fighting a case against a pharmaceutical company, and its considerable legal team, is often too great a challenge for one plaintiff. That’s why class action lawsuits are one of the most common types of pharmaceutical lawsuits.

Faulty drugs often affect large groups of people, so it’s more cost-effective if these groups combine their resources to bring one lawsuit against the manufacturer. Not only can a class action lawsuit demonstrate that the drug’s issues are wide-reaching, but it can also increase the chance of success and the size of the overall award.

Next Steps

During your consultation, an experienced product liability attorney will review your situation and determine if you have a valid case against the drug company. If so, your attorney will weigh the benefits of a class action lawsuit versus an individual claim in order to pursue the best-possible compensation for your recovery.

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