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The mother of a 45-year-old woman filed a malpractice lawsuit on her behalf against the three hospitals that treated her daughter in 2004. After her treatment at the hospitals, the woman and mother of two, suffered brain damage. In May of 2012 a State Supreme Court jury awarded $120 million to Martin, agreeing that the hospitals were at fault.

She sought treatment at the hospitals after suffering a seizure. The jury allocated responsibility among the hospitals, deciding 50 percent liability goes to  Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, and 40 percent goes to Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn. Four and 5 percent was given to one of the neurologists at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center and the hospital itself.

Her attorney related that the hospitals did not properly manage her medications, were not fast enough in treating emergency situations, and failed to provide other necessary treatments. She was eventually diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome, but not before her condition worsened and she developed facial swelling, as well as swelling in her eyes and throat. Stevens-Johnson is a rare skin disorder that is usually very severe.

Though she, prior to her condition, worked as a claims adjuster, making about $40,000 a year, the jury awarded her $10 million in lost earnings. She was also awarded $5 million for past medical costs, though her medical expenses since 2004 were covered by Medicaid and totaled $583,000. The city does plan to appeal the decision. The deputy counsel for the Health and Hospitals Corporation for the city, said that the “amount of this judgment is not consistent with the facts and the law.” The Health and Hospitals Corporation stated that they believed the awards in this case were excessive given some of these circumstances, but would not discuss specifics.

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