Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Lawsuits

Lifetime care costs for a child with cerebral palsy have been estimated to be about $921,000. Birth Injury Lawyers St. Louis

Harm that comes to your child during birth is extremely traumatic for parents.  And when the injury is  caused by some improper medical care or negligence and could have been avoided, the emotional trauma is multiplied. Birth injury is any injury incurred during birth that is the result of medical negligence. There are approximately 8,000 new cases cerebral palsy each year.

Brain damage during birth is a major cause of cerebral palsy. It can be caused during pregnancy, also due to a lack of oxygen to the fetus’ brain. Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects coordination, movement, balance, and posture. Oxygen deprivation can damage the brain and this damage impacts the brain’s capability to control the body’s muscles, which will manifest as symptoms on a spectrum from mild to severe.  The severity of the symptoms depends on which part of the brain is injured and usually include slow shaky movements and can mean life in a wheelchair. It can also affect your child’s ability to eat, swallow, and speak.

Cerebral palsy can be incredibly hard for families and can be overwhelming, and can require a significant amount of medical care.  Lifetime care costs for a child with cerebral palsy have been estimated to be about $921,000. This financial burden can be a major challenge for many families. Seeking compensation from the negligent medical professionals and the hospital that failed to meet the standard of care during the birth and delivery of your child, is one way to receive the compensation your family deserves in order to make sure your child gets the care he or she deserves.

If you suspect that your child’s brain injury happened during the labor and delivery process, contact a birth injury lawyer who can assess your case. Birth injuries can be caused by dramatic accidents or incidents of negligence, or they can be caused by oversights or doctors or medical staff not paying close enough attention to identify a possible problem. Birth injury lawyers with experience in pursuing birth injury and cerebral palsy cases can help to investigate your case, determine the cause of the injury and who should be held accountable, and what fair compensation would look like.

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