Kevin Davidson – Qualified in Gas Explosion Lawsuits

Given the highly-destructive and catastrophic nature of gas explosions, many victims of these disasters require specialized help in dealing with the myriad of problems that often arise. Finding the right attorney to sue for proper compensation can truly make or break victims and their families.

Attorney Kevin Davidson of the Zevan and Davidson Law Firm is the premier attorney specializing in gas explosion lawsuits. Unlike many attorneys, Kevin Davidson has taken the time to completely learn the industry from top to bottom. This wealth of experience serves his clients well, allowing Kevin Davidson to attain the highest possible benefits for victims of gas explosions in Missouri and Illinois.

Kevin Davidson’s qualifications include:

1. He was a designated counsel for one of the top 6 LP gas retailers in the U.S.,retailing over 200,000,000 million gallons of LP yearly
2. Trained as a delivery person in LP gas
3. He was part of a team of fire and explosion investigators who would be dispatched within 24 hours to examine the scene of a disaster
4. Is intimately familiar with industry guidelines for LP system, design, maintenance and use
5. He has delivered LP gas with trained delivery personnel
6. He has worked with top experts across the country, including experts involved in such major disasters as Deep Water Horizon
7. He has lectured mechanical engineering students on aspects of product design emphasizing safety, using as a model, LP gas safety shut-off designs
8. Has investigated explosions at bulk plants, residential and commercial sites.
9. Has investigated accidents involving malfunctioning and improperly installed regulators, safety shut-offs, and fittings.
10. Has developed testing protocols for devices suspected as the origination point for LP gas leaks.

If you are a victim of a gas leak or explosion, there is no attorney in Missouri and Illinois better suited than Kevin Davidson to handle your case and bring you justice. Feel free to contact Kevin Davidson of the Zevan and Davidson Law Firm for a private and confidential consultation at (314) 588-7200.

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