St. Louis Gas-Related Injury Update

Many older cities across the country have gas and water pipelines that have corroded or failed due to time and a lack of proper maintenance. Often these failures lead to severe injury and death for trusting consumers wronged by corporate negligence.

This nightmare scenario befell a young couple in St. Louis in 1996, when their house exploded due to faulty gas lines left unchecked by Laclede Gas. The couple was unaware of the corroded gas lines feeding explosive chemicals into their home until it ignited one Sunday morning, severely burning both.

During the subsequent lawsuit, representatives from Laclede Gas admitted that they didn’t check the copper insulation inside their pipes, which ultimately led to the catastrophe. Such an investigation would have required an enormous expenditure of resources on the part of Laclede Gas, so they sidestepped this crucial inspection. The couple won an enormous settlement to compensate them for their devastating physical and emotional losses.

Gas-related injuries often happen without warning, and can be severely debilitating and deadly. Many gases used in consumer products like propane tanks, gas lines, and welding equipment are odorless and colorless and among the most flammable chemicals known to man. Often, the dangers go undetected until there is a catastrophic failure leading to life-threatening injuries or death.

Missouri gas consumers deserve protection and compensation from injuries related to gas explosions and air contamination. Corporations that do not take responsibility to protect their consumers should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

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