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Commercial truck accidents can be incredibly dangerous and outrageously expensive. Not only do commercial truckers haul large and expensive goods that are often lost in accidents, but their vehicles pose a threat to other drivers and their property. The losses from even one commercial trucking accident can threaten the economic stability of a company.

With an estimated 3.5 million truckers on the road, commercial trucking accidents account for 9% of all roadway accidents. Surprisingly, just 4% of these commercial accidents can be traced back to fatigue. Other cited causes include:

1. Prescription Drug Use 26%
2. Traveling Too Fast 23%
3. Unfamiliar with Roadway 22%
4. Over-the-counter Drug Use 18%
5. Inadequate Surveillance 14%
6. Fatigue 13%
7. Illegal Maneuver 9%
8. Exterior Distraction 8%
9. Inadequate Evasive Action 7%
10. Aggressive Driving Behavior 7%

In many cases, these kinds of accidents can be prevented. Truck driving schools use a three-minute training video to highlight the dangers of recreational or medicinal drug use while operating a motor vehicle. However, this has done little to improve commercial trucking accident rates.

Individual businesses and trucking companies need to take the initiative to prevent many of these horrific and costly accidents. Random drug and alcohol screening should be mandatory in all trucking companies. Additionally, trucking companies should monitor the personal driving records of each driver in order to maintain a clean driving force. Periodic counseling sessions, driving reviews, and safety meetings could also improve driver alertness to the dangers of certain behaviors.

Such steps can drastically reduce commercial trucking accidents, preventing losses in life and property.

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