Hit and Run: St. Louis Truck Accident

Hit and run accidents can cause immense physical, emotional and financial loss to the victims. St. Louis Hit and Run Accident

In early May, an 85 year old man was killed in a hit and run accident near Natural Bridge and Newstead Avenue. He was stuck by a speeding truck when he was crossing Natural Bridge. The truck was being driven by a 21 year old woman, who was arrested from 3800 block of North Newstead Avenue.

There are many hit and run cases in Missouri every year. Some accidents just involve minor damage to the vehicle, while others involve injury to the driver or passengers. In cases of the worst kind, people lose their lives in hit and run cases. People flee the scene of accident for a number of reasons; they are afraid, intoxicated, don’t have a proper driver’s license or are uninsured or under-insured. Whatever be the reason, it is highly advisable that one must never leave the site after causing an accident. Whether the damage is as small as a scratch on the other car, or as big as injury or death of the driver, you must stay on the site till help or authorities arrive.

You are bound by law to provide all your details after you have caused an accident. Even if the driver is not present in the car you must make every attempt to inform him and offer your personal details. It is a good idea to inform police in case you are unable to locate the driver. If the other person has sustained injuries, then you must help him in every possible way, and leave the site only after medical help and police authorities arrive.

In case you are stranded in a remote location, you should deem it your duty to take the victim to the nearest hospital. You should then contact your personal injury attorney and seek legal advice from him. He will help you make an appropriate statement to the police, and would act in your best interests.

Victim in a Hit and Run Case

What if you become a victim of a hit and run case? Hit and run accidents can cause immense physical, emotional and financial loss to the victims. Moreover, the circumstances are quite different from a normal car accident, because you don’t know who caused this accident, at least not until police investigate and are able to track him or her down. The first thing that you should do is to note down all possible details of the car or truck that hit you; color, model, and registration number. See if you can find any witnesses, if you do, note down their details as well.

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