St. Louis Personal Injury Case Settles for $950,000

Personal Injury Case ResultWith diligence and hard work the Zevan and Davidson Law Firm was able to settle this case for $950,000.

In December of 2009 our client was making a delivery to an industrial site through a garage door when the overhead door suddenly fell and struck him repeatedly in the head. As a result of this traumatic brain injury accident, our client suffers from poor sleep, irritability, personality changes, vertigo, and brain damage. Due to these conditions our client had to obtain help from a multitude of health professionals for various medical services and treatments. He will continue to need this type of care into the future. He also has taken a huge loss in current and future wages. This client was referred to us by another law firm in the Saint Louis area.

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At the Zevan and Davidson Law Firm we do not rush the resolution of our cases. We understand that each case is unique, having it’s own set of circumstances and needs. We handle each case with care and work hard for our clients. The above mentioned case was no different. Our experienced team worked tirelessly to help alleviate many of the day-to-day problems confronted by our injured client.





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