Manufacturing Mistakes Increase the Risk of Injury

Motorcycle enthusiasts around the world are well aware of the detail involved in manufacturing a road ready bike that is both safe and reliable.

motorcycle-recallsUnfortunately, just as with automobiles, mistakes are made and a bike may be sold that is less than perfect, or it may become damaged while in the dealer’s lot. If you were recently involved in a motorcycle crash caused by faulty machinery, call a Missouri motorcycle accident attorney for advice. With some investigation into the cause, they will be able to help you receive your rightful compensation for the accident.

Paying Attention for Recalls

Recalls are not uncommon with motorcycle manufacturing. In the past we have seen bikes recalled for faulty brake pads, engines prone to overheating, fuel tanks that leak, and wheel rims that break off. Any one of these can cause a serious crash by the rider. When buying a new motorcycle it is important to register it and keep your address updated. You will want to be notified if your bike has been recalled, or a specific part has been found faulty and needs to be replaced. If a recall is ignored, and then later causes you harm, a claim for compensation could be lost. Discuss the details with a Missouri motorcycle accident attorney if you find yourself in this type of situation.

The Danger of Defective Parts

Large class action suits have been filed against motorcycle manufacturers for such things as defective piston rings and engines that would overheat. The piston failure would put the driver at risk for an accident by shutting down the engine while out on the road. With the overheating engine, it was actually getting so hot that the driver’s clothes that had contact with it would suddenly catch on fire.

Some faulty parts of a motorcycle may go unnoticed or be unique to your bike. A Missouri man was killed when fractures in the front forks caused him to lose control of the motorcycle. The insurance carrier that represented the manufacturer agreed to settle the wrongful death suit filed by his mother for an undisclosed amount.

Malfunctioning Components

When you are driving and relying on the functionality of the components to retain control, it can be detrimental if they suddenly stop working. Brakes, for example, are something that a driver depends on. If you are driving along at a high speed and the brake pads suddenly malfunction you will surely crash as you try and slow down. Many different bike manufacturers have had recalls because of malfunctioning brake pads. Another recent motorcycle recall was on a model sold as police motorcycles. Here the main fuse was blowing from an overload of accessories causing the motorcycle to stall at inopportune moments.

Is It a Factory Defect?

If a broken or faulty part is to blame for your accident, speak with Zevan and Davidson Law Firm at (314) 588-8200 about your case. They need time to look into the crash to determine if the part in question was a factory defect or if it became broken after transport. Once they know who is at fault they will work on getting you compensation for your injuries.

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