Misdiagnosis of Ectopic Pregnancy

Failure to correctly diagnose an ectopic pregnancy may lead to serious complications, including death.

ectopic pregnancy misdiagnosis

Ectopic pregnancy is an extremely serious medical condition. Failure of a doctor to correctly diagnose or treat the condition can lead to serious complications.

What Is Ectopic Pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fetus attaches itself and begins to grow outside of the womb. In most ectopic pregnancies, the egg becomes lodged in the fallopian tube while travelling from the ovary to the uterus. The fertilized egg is not able to survive or develop properly in the fallopian tube. In some rare cases, the ectopic pregnancy can occur within the cervix or ovary as well. In case of an ectopic pregnancy, the only way to save the mother’s life is to remove the abnormally developed cells. St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers cite several causes of ectopic pregnancy.

  • Defect in the fallopian tube.
  • History of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Severe endometriosis.
  • Scarring from a surgery in the reproductive area.
  • Age of the mother at the time of pregnancy. Those above 53 are at higher risk.
  • Tubal ligations.
  • Getting pregnant in spite of an intrauterine device.

Ectopic pregnancies can be life threatening, so it is important for a doctor to diagnose the condition in a timely and correct manner. Cases of ectopic pregnancy misdiagnosis are not rare. Doctors have mistakenly diagnosed a mother with an ectopic pregnancy and ordered an abortion even though the fetus was correctly located in the womb.

Case Study – Misdiagnosed Ectopic Pregnancy

In one case of medical malpractice involving an ectopic pregnancy, a mother of a 4-year-old has filed a lawsuit against a doctor for misdiagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. The doctor had incorrectly identified an ectopic pregnancy and advised the mother to abort the pregnancy, using medications. Despite following the instructions, she still gave birth to a baby girl. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that after administering abortion medications to the mother, the doctor discovered that the fetus was safely located inside the womb. The doctor then warned the mother about the complications that may arise for the fetus due to the abortion medication. The baby was born with severe abnormalities.


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