Motorcycle Accidents Resulting in Lost Limbs

Unlike the driver of a car, a motorcyclist has little or no protection from harm when involved in a collision.

Kevin Davidson - Motorcyle Accident LawyerWhile there are certain ways to reduce their risk, such as wearing protective clothing and helmets, the occurrence of injury and death is much greater for the driver of a motorcycle than that of a car or truck.

In August of last year singer Wynonna Judd’s husband made the news when he had to have his leg amputated after colliding with another vehicle in a motorcycle accident. Hospital reports state that his left leg was severed by the crash and had to be amputated above the knee. The exposure of the legs while riding a motorcycle make this type of disfigurement common to drivers who are hit by another vehicle.

Just this past May the driver of a motorcycle hit by an SUV at an intersection in Miami was awarded $3,000,000. The crash caused a degloving injury to the leg and 2 days after the accident it was amputated just below the knee. Awards in this case were determined not just by medical bills and pain and suffering but also by the future pain and suffering of the plaintiff as a result of his disfigurement.

Results of Motorcycle Accidents

Last year 1 in every 20,000 persons lost a limb to amputation. Being involved in a motor vehicle accident was one of the most common causes. Losing a leg will change a persons’ life forever. They may be forced to change occupations or not be able to work at all. Years of therapy may be required and they may suffer from chronic pain. Victims of such accidents would benefit greatly by retaining the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

A Missouri motorcyclist agreed to a $3 million settlement with a driver who had struck him on a main road. The driver of the motorcycle suffered from a smashed pelvis, broken wrist and injury to his right leg that were so severe it had to be amputated below the knee. His extensive injuries will require years of medical care and therapy.

In another Missouri case a woman passenger on a motorcycle was able to reach a settlement of $6 million. Her right leg was traumatically amputated when a car, driven by a drunk driver, struck the motorcycle that she was riding on. In both instances the victims’ decision to retain a motorcycle accident lawyer who was not only familiar with accident litigation, but also had an understanding of the future pain and suffering of a person who has lost a limb due to trauma, played heavily in helping them reach a settlement that will compensate not only for past medical expense, but future expenses as well.

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An accident involving a motorcycle has certain complexities that make it more difficult than a typical car collision. The elevated occurrence of injury and the severity of those injuries often call for a Missouri motorcycle attorney who is proficient in these type of cases.

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