St. Louis Tailgating Accident Attorneys: What Drivers Should Know

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Tailgating is a dangerous and increased the chances of a rear-end collision.

If the car in front comes to a sudden stop for any reason, the tailgating car does not have much room to safely maneuver out of the situation and often ends up hitting the rear side of the car in front. These types of accidents are common in areas with heavy traffic density where drivers fail to maintain a safe distance between vehicles; when the traffic suddenly stops, the tailgating driver is not able to stop his or her vehicle in time and causes a rear-end collision.

Some individuals mistakenly think that if they were rear-ended they are automatically at fault because they stopped suddenly; however, in most of the cases the fault lies with the tailgating driver as he or she is supposed to maintain a safe distance to prevent a rear-end collision.

St. Louis Tailgating Accidents

Tailgating accidents can cause severe injuries to the neck, spine, and head. The sudden impact of collision often results in a whiplash injury. These accidents are preventable and the at-fault drivers can be held liable for causing the accident.

The main causes behind tailgating accidents are driver error and driver behavior. Drivers tailgate for a number of reasons. Many drivers are habitually aggressive and this aggression shows in the form of tailgating and erratic lane changing. Their impatience makes them follow the car in front too closely while they are waiting to pass.

Being inattentive is another reason where the driver fails to notice that he or she is following the car in front too closely. Distractions such as talking on the phone, texting, or talking to other passengers can result in a driver unknowingly tailgating. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol impairs the drivers’ judgement and can cause a tailgating accident.

Liability in a Tailgating Car Accident

Whatever be the reason for a driver to tailgate, if he or she causes an accident, they can be held liable for the damages incurred and injuries sustained. If you find that someone is tailgating you, it is best to stay calm and let that driver pass. You should continue to follow the traffic rules and never try to respond to the offending driver’s behavior by applying sudden brakes or slowing down.

Tailgating accidents are rear-end collisions and the injuries can vary from minor to severe depending on the intensity of the impact. Most common injuries are neck injuries, spine injuries, head trauma, face injuries due to air bag deployment, soft tissue injuries, and injuries to the legs and ankles.

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