The Rise of Doctor Burnout: Navigating a Medical Negligence Case

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Since COVID-19, doctors across the country have experienced unprecedented rates of burnout. The Mayo Clinic reported that nearly 63% of all physicians exhibited at least one symptom of burnout at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Unfortunately, doctor burnout may lead to alcohol abuse, suicidal ideation and negative patient outcomes.

If you have fallen victim to medical negligence as the result of the inattention that comes with physician burnout, Zevan Davidson and Roman is here to help you navigate your legal options.

Defining Doctor Burnout

In basic terms, burnout is emotional exhaustion or disconnection. Healthcare organizations measure this through the Maslach Burnout Inventory, which examines three dimensions of burnout — emotional exhaustion, depersonalization from work and a sense of personal accomplishment.

Many doctors report feeling as though there is an incongruence between their passion for the work and what the healthcare system incentivizes them to do. In addition, doctor burnout is marked by the feeling that work is overtaking their lives — there is little to no balance between their professional and personal life.

The Causes of Physician Burnout

The causes of physician burnout stem from the work environment. Many physicians feel burdened by chaotic work conditions and intense time pressure. Essentially, they feel as though there is too much to do, with too little time available. However, an investigation by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality revealed that when low-quality care occurred, the organizations themselves were to blame.

Physician burnout occurs as the result of multiple factors in the medical industry. As a high-volume industry with many stressors, healthcare frameworks must constantly adapt to help their staff perform to the best of their ability. Improvements may include hiring more personnel, providing mental health services or adding work incentives for overburdened staff members.

The Impact on Patients

Doctor burnout poses a threat to patient safety. These physicians may suffer from impaired attention, memory and executive function. It is significantly easier for them to make a mistake that another physician reasonably would not.

Physicians may violate their duty of care through countless means. Patients may experience issues such as a botched surgery, emergency room error or delayed diagnosis. Overall, patients need to know the signs of substandard care to keep themselves safe.

Navigating Your Medical Negligence Case

If you believe you were injured due to medical negligence, the best first step you can take is to talk to a medical malpractice attorney. Our team will help you navigate your best legal options moving forward.

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