When Your Child is Harmed by Medical Negligence

Some birth injuries are caused by a doctor’s negligence and the inability to diagnose and react to a situation in a timely manner.

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A birth injury is a trauma that a baby suffers during the delivery process. A birth injury may be caused because of the size of the baby or may be the result of a breech birth or a prolonged and difficult birth. Some birth injuries are caused because of the abnormal shape and size of the mother’s pelvis. Our St. Louis birth injury attorney comes across several cases of birth injuries each year.

Brachial Palsy

In some cases of difficult deliveries, a doctor may use assistive techniques such as forceps and vacuum extraction to pull the baby out of the birth canal. However, too much force or pressure can cause injury to the group of nerves running through the arm to the hand. As a result of this injury, the baby may lose flexibility and rotation of the arm. In extreme cases, brachial palsy may cause permanent nerve damage.

Caput Succedaneum

A common type of birth injury is known as caput succedaneum and results when the soft tissues of the infant’s skull become severely swollen. The injury occurs when the infant is passing through the birth canal. Although in most cases only some bruising occurs, sometimes when a vacuuming technique is used to extract the baby from the birth canal, it can cause the skull to swell. The injury may also cause bleeding in the layer between the periosteum and scalp.

Clavicle Fracture

During some complicated deliveries, such as a breech or shoulder delivery, the baby’s collarbone may get fractured.


If the second stage of labor is prolonged, it may cause the blood vessels in the baby’s eyes to bleed and cause bleeding between the fibrous covering and the bone. In extreme cases, the baby may suffer from jaundice, hypotension, or anaemia. It may take weeks for the clot to dissolve and the swelling to go down.

Facial Paralysis

If too much pressure is exerted on the baby’s face during delivery, it can cause facial paralysis. Babies who suffer from this condition have no movement on the affected side of the face and may not be able to close their eyes. There are several other types of birth injuries that may occur. Some minor and more common injuries include forceps marks and bruises. Treatment for a birth injury depends on its type and severity. Some injuries may heal on their own with time, while some birth injuries may require prolonged and even lifelong treatment and rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, some birth injuries are caused by a doctor’s negligence and the inability to diagnose and react to a condition in a timely manner. If you suspect your baby’s injury was caused by a doctor’s negligence, immediately contact Zevan and Davidson Law Firm at (314) 588-7200.


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